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Get a brand new Smartphone, Data and Minutes for Voice calls for as little as ₦10,000 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who qualifies for the plan?
      A: Only customers on the MTN Network.

Q: How do I qualify or Access the Plan?
      A:  Visit any of our Amali-Partner stores for Pre-qualification and Registration

Q: What do we sell?
      A:  MTN bundle with a device and other benefits in it

Q: What is an MTN Intelligra bundle?
      A:  It’s an MTN plan that comes with Device, Data, Voice, and other benefits.

Q: What Smartphones are available in this bundle?
      A: Intel, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia, and Samsung, and you get to pick a device of your choice.

Q: Do I need To make any payment?
      A:  You make a down payment and activation fee at the Amali agent store depending on the plan.

Q: How do I renew?
       A:  You renew with data, MTN Recharge Voucher, VTU, or via our Amali-Partners.

Q: I am a very busy, person, can I pre-qualify and register online and phone delivered?
       A: Not at the moment but you can visit the nearest store listed on our platform.

Q: Can I use a Friend’s MTN number if my number does not qualify?
       A: No.

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