or ₦650/month


or ₦1,000/month


or ₦2,000/month


  1. Plastic/cosmetic surgeries
  2. Investigations and treatment for problems relating to infertility e.g. hormone profiles, laparoscopy, hydrotubation, hysterosalpingogram, I.V.F, G.I.F. Tandartificial insemination
  3. Virility enhancing drugs
  4. Management of Chronic Diseases including but not limited to consultation, prescription drugs and laboratory tests
  5. Family Planning Services
  6. Herbal drugs, non-prescription drugs, food supplements and experimental drugs and treatment
  7. Dental care not listed in the covered services
  8. Home care and domiciliary services
  9. Joint replacements and prosthetic limbs
  10. Long term psychiatric illness (Longer than 6months)
  11. Health screening/well persons check Physiotherapy
  12. Mortuary Services
  13. Immunization
  1. Advanced & Complex Investigations including but not limited to CT, Scan, MRI Scan, and echocardiograph
  2. Optical Services including but not limited to consultations, basic eye care and dispensing of frames, lenses, and contact lenses.
  3. Dental Care
  4. Congenital abnormalities
  5. Other Radiological Investigations not listed in the schedule of covered services.
  6. Neonatal Services including but not limited to male circumcision, ear piercing, treatment of mild or moderate neonatal sepsis, phototherapy.
  7. HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment 22. Treatment of obesity
  8. Speech disorders
  9. Learning difficulties, behavioral and developmental problems
  10. Consultations with unrecognized consultants, hospitals, family doctors, therapists, dental practitioners, or complementary medicines practitioners

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